We do not believe in contracts, we don't have to tie you up in a contract, you should be free to leave any time. If you're happy with the work we are providing you would not want to leave us anyway!
We can safely and confidently say, no other driving school provide more pupil to their instructors than we do and this guaranteed. Don't take our word for it, just ask any of our driving instructors.
If you're still not convinced, try us for a month and see for yourself. There are no obligations if you're not happy just walk away, now you have nothing to lose.

Why Choose Us

We are the only driving school providing full time franchise for part time fee.
Continuous supply of pupils unlike other schools, more pupil supply than any other school guaranteed
Free 1 month trial and no contracts to sign...

no contract to sign one month free trial 
UNLIMITED PUPIL SUPPLY no introduction fee

Vehicle available
with franchise

"Probably the cheapest
franchise with vehicle
in the country"

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